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#IndieSpotlight: Mizzark Hits The Mark [Pun Intended]

It’s my last spotlight of 2016, and I’m ending with an exciting new artist I came across. Washington, D.C., born LA resident, Mizzark, does it all: writes, produces, raps and sings. Coming back into the spotlight after a [self-imposed] two-year hiatus, he’s back with a deep new record that where he discusses–amongst things–the loss of his mother back in 2013. “FOE (demo)” sits at almost seven minutes, and is packed with bars that clearly defines his allegiance to his grind and his team; “Gotta take care of the fam before I take care of myself–gotta take care of the fam, fuck everybody else.”

Mizzark is heavily influenced by screwed up music, as popularized by the iconic DJ Screw; in fact, he’s created his personalized version of the movement called Purp’d–you can hear this effect at the end of his new record. “Listening to any of my purp’d tracks you’ll notice it’s a lot slower than your normal chopped and screwed,” he says about the technique, “and it has a couple of beat pattern changes and other effects as well throughout the songs.”

Skater. Musician. Photographer. Videographer. Artist. Mizzark likens himself as a creative soul, and his records have more than enough elements to make them stand out from the pack–especially his record “Jungle,” a slow R&B record I found on his SoundCloud. Check out his music below, and if you’re feeling it, then knock on the share button.

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