“This year I’m all in this shit, another chance to get poppin.” –RchyRch

Van Nuys, California, rapper and producer RchyRch doubles as an artist and boss, as the owner of his own production company, “GreenRoom Productions.” To date, he’s released two solo-mixtapes–and one collaborative project. But, as the ball dropped this past January, Rchy began to plot out the road ahead. Two-weeks later he dropped “January 16th,” the first single from Change, which will be his first solo studio LP.

“January 16th,” is quite lyrical, touching on a multitude of topics that range from his current relationship to his drive to succeed.

“My life ain’t perfect/One of my brothers in the dirt from/Heroine purging/One of ‘em seen some years in prison, ‘way from his first kid/One of ‘em for the last 15 years ain’t seen his first kid/One on the verge of owning a business, he put the work in/One of ‘em lost his mind to crystal to this day I worry/Like where the fuck I’ma end up I’m certain if I put the work in, in the end it’ll be worth it.”

Overall, it’s an honest record with quality production, and a great introduction to what RchyRch and GreenRoom Productions have cooking up this year. Check the track, and if you’re feeling him, follow him on his social profiles.