Orcutt–California–producer TyrelleVitiello has been dropping smooth hip-hop instrumentals into our inbox for a while now; we thought it was only right to help our super-dope readers learn a little bit more about the incredibly underrated beatmaker. Check out the Q&A below, and peep his work below.

How did you get involved in music?

I started making music as a kid, playing different percussion instruments and moved on from drums to drum pads early in high school. My very closest friends and I, at the time, were just enjoying ourselves and made music for us to dig. As things moved on it became much more than just a hobby, at least for some of us.

How would you describe it?

My music is a very vibrational and melodic sort of hip-hop. I like to refer to it as ‘smooth-hop’ in fact. I focus on using soft and appealing samples, influenced by alot of jazz & bossa nova, tied together with some 90’s style drums.

Who are your influences?

Regarding musical influences, artists like Yusef Lateef/ Mos Def / Marvin Gaye / Binary Star / Stan Getz / Astrud Gilberto & and a ton of others to be honest.

What have you dropped so far?

In the last year, I’ve probably had about 20 releases, 11 of which are still available online, and the most notable of which being my most recent release ‘afthrs’. It reached almost 13k plays in just a couple weeks and continues to attract new listeners.


Currently, I am working on putting together a tour! The launch will be late March of 2017, but the details are on the DL as of now. Very exciting. Aside from that, I’ll be releasing a beat tape entitled ‘the rtrotape’ this holiday season, and will be playing quite a few venues on the Central Coast between now and March. To keep up with show dates, email-exclusive music, and things of the sort visit tyrellevitiellomusic.com

What’s been your biggest achievement thus far?

Some of my greatest achievements thus far would have to be the extent of my travels by this point. I’ve had the opportunity to go to places in the world that I have always desired to, and involve my music career cohesively. They–in fact–very much compliment one another, my desire and passion for producing and performing music, as well as my love of travel and experience. I’ve worked with artists, collectives, and businesses from Baltimore to San Fransisco to Pensacola to Los Angeles. Coffee houses in Atlanta, and art studios in Santa Barbara. Collaboration is something I take pride in focusing on.

What’s your biggest goal?

A goal of mine right now is to play a roof-top show in Europe at sunset, very soon. I am definitely working on making that happen.

What’s Next?

The release of ‘the rtrotape‘ just in time for the holidays, a full version of My Website will be up on January 1st–big day. I’ll be heading to Seattle January 28, so stay tuned on-line and perhaps catch me at a show!