“No matter where you are in life, music can always put you in the right place.” —TyrelleVitiello

Straight out of Orcutt California, comes 20-year old producer, TyrelleVitiello [pronounced V-T-L-O]. His style reeks of the 90’s — in the best of ways. Old school jazz, hip hop, and contemporary bass lines playfully intermingle to make nothing less than bangers. As of late, he’s been making music with other [Orcutt-local] artists such as Vuvu Le, gruga, Wepz, oc;Ma, and others. Together they’re creating a gradually growing collective of [like minded] musicians, the OnesUpAffiliates. They’re spreading messages of love and fluidity, and working feverishly to get the music to the masses. “If someone told me that they didnt like my music, at the very least it means they listened to it. Everyone should have the opportunity to hear good music, so we push to give everyone the chance to hear our version of it,” says Tyrelle coily.

If you’re a real head, you’ll definitely want to give him a listen. For now, get to know him a little better in the Q&A he recently did with our staff.
My most notable releases as of yet, are the ‘ooWee EP’ and the most recent ‘tyrelle[tape]’ . I am currently working on a new concept album style mix of all original music. Being that progression is the intention, i plan to put alot of work into the coming release so it will drop late September.

What do you want listeners to take away from your beats?

What I want people to take away from my music is the motion of love. I try to make music that slips you into a smooth state of chill as soon as the snare hits. I like to make stuff that just mellows things out. And I think a lot of people need that!

Ultimately, what’s your [musical] career goal?

An ultimate goal, I suppose, could be just to spread the sound. I believe what I push for the most is to spread the music to the most people I possibly can. I want everyone in the world to hear what I’m making. If I love something that I make, it means that someone else could love it too! Why would I keep it to myself if it sounds nice?

What’s coming up next for you?

There is alot coming up. Taking things day by day of course, but as of right now working on getting a OnesUpAffiliates website up and running very soon. There you’ll be able to find music, Otown photos, artist bios, merchandise, contact info, links, tons of stuff. Also working on getting merchandise produced.

Any visuals or shows we can look forward to?

Music videos are in the editing stages right now. Performances at ‘Le Disco’ a U•N•I event in mid-August, as well as the following event held by the same collective in early January of the coming year. The second of these two events will be hosting an ‘Otown Stage’ which will exclusively showcase Orcutt artists such as myself, Jslv, Vuvu Le, Wepz, and perhaps more.