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Poe Hussle Keeps Gettin’ This Paper With His Latest Single ‘I Pray’

Born in the center of a slum named Agadir in Morocco, Poe Hussle migrated with his mother and father to New Jersey at the tender age of 4. He soaked in his surroundings becoming attracted to the street life and fast money. As a result, he got into some obvious troubles with the law as a teen; ultimately he landed a prison bid, giving him some serious time to think.

Not having much else Poe Hussle turned to music. He speaks about his pains and struggles with an authentic hustler perspective, with a grunge/trap sound with catchy choruses and relatable content. He rides a comfortable wave that many won’t have much trouble getting into. Check out his latest track, “I Pray,” currently streaming on his SoundCloud.

Instagram : @poehussle
Twitter : @poehussle
Snapchat : poehussle

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