Representing NYC and New Jersey, rapper TwonDon came through to Moxie1973’s Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition in Jersey City, NJ to tear down the stage and chat with Above Average Hip Hop about today’s Hip-Hop game, his relationship with KeKe Palmer, and future endeavors.

After releasing ‘Letter To Folarin,’ a prophetic letter to Wale, TwonDon came through to Juice performing new single with Dessy Hinds, ‘Black Bar Mitzvah.’ TwonDon also shared with us what he believes the game is missing right now, and how his team and he are working on creating their lane in the industry. TwonDon, who has very lyrical content; a demanding stage presence; and Nas-like features, is making waves in and outside of New Jersey.

Watch how he breaks down his experience at the Juice HipHop Exhibition and what’s next for TwonDon.

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