Soulful stoner music – that’s the best way we begin to tell you about Young Rollin Stoners the collaborative album between Prodigy, one half of Mobb Deep and Far Rockaway’s own Boogz Boogetz. The two, who have collaborated extensively in the past have pulled together 11 piff-laced soundscapes that are sure to please both Mobb and Boogetz fan.

Standouts are the ultra smooth trip down memory lane, 40oz, the soulful (love) song Pass Me and the Mobb Deepish Scarface. P sounds like he hasn’t missed a step 20 years later, which is a good look for Boogz.

What should be noted is that Boogz and P are very levelled on this project – that is to say that neither is ever overshadowed [something that could happen when making a joint project with a seasoned vet like P]; however, this isn’t the first time Boogz has spit with big-time artists. His 2010 DJ Khaled hosted debut had names like Ace Hood and Wiz Khalifa on it.

But the way we see it, collaborative projects are a tricky beast that either work or don’t. Red and Meth, Skyzoo and Torae…sheesh even Snoop and Wiz are joint ventures that make so much sense you wish you’d thought of it first. P and Boogz fit well together, and Young Rollin’ Stoners proves it.

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