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#Bucketlist: America Is Dying Slowly

With World AIDS Day coming up, we thought it would be appropriate to look back on a hip-hop masterpiece that seems all but forgotten — America Is Dying Slowly. The gem was the eighth release in a heralded series by Red Hot ,a not-for-profit international organization dedicated to fighting AIDS through pop culture.

The album featured production from the likes of Rza, Pete Rock, Prince Paul and Buckwild and featured appearances by artists like Common, Biz Markie, Chubb Rock, De La Soul, Organized Konfusion and more. Standouts for us included the stunning America by Wu-Tang and Stay Away From The Nasty Hoes by Fat Joe and Sadat X. The project seems unreal in hindsight – with this level of hip-hop royalty on one comp with all-original music. What’s more, (contractually) 80% of the proceeds went directly to fight AIDS.

The album, whose title itself is an acronym for AIDS, is an atmospheric mid-90’s hip-hop ride that definitely deserves a few (re)spins. On December 1st, all sales on iTunes help to fight AIDS, so it’s the perfect time to cop it for yourself.

(RED) and the global health community have reached a critical turning point in the fight against AIDS in Africa. Together, they’re getting closer to delivering the first generation in over 30 years to be born free from the disease. The purchases you make during our holiday shopping events and through Apps for (RED) can create a lasting impact on the future of millions.

Find out more about how you can help.

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