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Negative To Positive: Cloudy Wingz Goes All In

If 27-year-old Indianapolis rapper Cloudy Wingz wrote a screenplay about his life, it might well be called “been there done that.” He doesn’t take his career or his freedom for granted. Being involved in the streets, he caught a potential L when he was almost locked down indefinitely after shooting four people who attempted to rob him of his drugs in an Olive Garden parking lot. The most series of his [various] charges on the table—murder—was later dismissed due to lack of evidence and a plea deal that was signed. It was far from his first run in with the law, but by far his most serious. It’s a scenario reminiscent of Albee Al, which we write about earlier this year.
Cloudy then left the street life for good; a positive move for his music aspirations, and his betterment of his son.

Cloudy, who is currently signed to Tama Industries, is putting in work—with numerous joints on iTunes. Check him out below, and if you’re feeling him, support that realness.

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