Straight out of the Marion Projects in Jersey City, NJ, our artist of the hour is none other than Mr. Splash Albee Al. Last year, he was facing 100 years for murder — but was acquitted. Ever since he’s been going extra hard on wax. Earlier this year, he released “Getting To The Cake,” which featured Remy Boy Monty and Uncle Murda and he’s still pushing tracks off last year’s mixtape, #EverydayJune30th.

On one of his realest records “Way Of Life'” produced by Speedy Babyy who also hails out of Jersey City, he proclaims, “I was raised across the street from a graveyard, seen weak niggas die even braveheart, you got to play it smart…if you a square be a square just play your part — don’t try to play with sharks.”

Albee Al has that flow that is reminiscent of Stack Bundles, Chinx, Fabolous, Joe Buddens and Paul Cain mixtape days back in the early 2000s. He doesn’t rap about the true religions, the Bugattis, nor the Instagram hoes — the bruh keeps it straight Jersey and street as he pieces out his lines like he is playing mental chess with his opponents. On “2 Many Sips” he keeps it hood — yet sentimental — for the ladies:

Damn see I don’t mean to come off like this, I’m fucked up, so I’m off my shit; damn shawty, like what your name is, who you came with, hope you understand real cause that’s my language.”

On “Scarface” he Marion mobs all over the techno meets trap instrumental as he tries a different flow but raps about regular street topics from bullets to cash and illegal searches by cops. He has a video for the record which has a cameo by another up and comer from Jersey City, Haiti Bandz [definitely be on the lookout for him].

Albee Al is like a mix of old school R&B singer Al B. Sure and incarcerated rapper Tru-Life mixed into one artist. Currently, he’s promoting Tales Of A Hustler on his Twitter @Da Gladiator. He’s definitely on the rise, and he has the streets of the concrete zoo buzzing about his verse on “Getting To The Cake,” which you should put your beats headphone on and cop a listen.