“͞It’conscious rap, but it’s also still very hip and current.”
—Se7en Eli

The number seven—a biblical reference to completion—has been ever prevalent in rapper Se7en Eli’s life. His apartment number growing up, his high school football jersey number, and a symbol for the positive light he’s looking to bring to music. He began his career in a rap collective known as Bunkeridge but—as many groups do—they branched out in different directions. As a solo artist, he hopes to inspire listeners to be the best they can be, through both his music and his community outreach.

His new single, “Tango,” features a beat that seamlessly blends traditional Latin music with go-go—produced by a long-time Bunkeridge collaborator and friend who is currently doing a seven-year bid. It’s a void Se7en’s brothers have stepped in to fill. The impressive visual treatment features lush scenery that really ads to the overall vibe of the project.

Se7en Eli sees himself as having Grammy potential; “I have the talent and content — especially if I keep growing at this pace – to sell records, to sell units, and to make a difference through my music.” Check out the video for “Tango” below, and if you’re feeling it, Kash the share button.