“Each musician contributed their [own] style to consolidate the sound we achieved.” —Andres Marin.

At its roots, hip-hop has always been — at least ideologically– and experimental genre. From the evolution of the “get-down” found on records that range from funk to world music, and the introduction of the scratch, some of the genre’s most revered elements have derived from other forms of music and sound. This amalgamation of vibes was most prominent [commercially] during the golden era when groups like De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest brought jazzy loops to the forefront.

It’s impossible not to feel the excitement, slight 90’s hip-hop aesthetic, and old school nostalgia when listening to BK collective The Mostacho Xprmnt. The group was founded by Costa Rican drummer and composer Andres Marin and consolidated in 2013 in New York City with Eitan Akman and Haruka Yabuno. The group now also includes lead singer Songyi Jeon, Dave Lowenthal, Luis D’Elías, and Miguel Gallardo. The sound has evolved — over time — as well into a melting pot of neo-soul, R&B, Funk, Jazz, Rock, and more. Think Erykah Badu meets Esperanza Spalding.

Their latest song and in-studio video, “Que Mae Mas Raro,” is out now. According to the group, the self-proclaimed ‘ode to weirdness’ reflects the limitations of judgement and tolerance. Check it out for yourself below — and if you’re feeling it, mash the share button!