Baltimore-bred singer/songwriter and performer, Bryson Knoel is rounding up the summer season with a brand new single, “Games,” a scorching ‘leave-now regret it later, girl’ themed track with hints of dancehall and trap vibes. Bryson — if you’ve never heard him in the past — has been building a pretty good buzz with his catalogue thus far. He released a song called “7 Wonders” a while back; the song alone afforded him the opportunity to be a part of the artist-to-fan platform ‘Disruptive Multimedia,’ which was founded “Diamond Girl” singer/producer Ryan Leslie. Leslie is most noted as being one of the most subscribed early adopters of YouTube, and the man that put Cassie into the spotlight; the start-up launched after raising $1.5M in seed money.

Using the platform, Bryson’s released two EP’s, Tip Of The Iceberg and Titanic. Both are recommended listening for the weekend, and can be found on his website. For now — give “Games” a listen, and if you’re feeling it, mash the share button. Also, give his record “Vacant” a listen — the visuals (found below) — are quite heavy. Definitely keep an eye on this cat!