Lupe Fiasco – Tetsuo & Youth Review

Sometimes we often forget about the dedication and time an artist and their team put into a project. Here at Above Average Hip Hop we applaud every musician that we cover. Today, Lupe Fiasco blessed the community with his fifth album Tetsuo & Youth – a piece of work that is cultivated to enlighten Hip-Hop’s future generations. Lupe brings us into his creative dimension: a super twisted fantasy of urban criteria, which is actually reality.

Tetsuo & Youth was just released a few hours ago and it has already drawn the attention from fans (and detractors) of Fiasco. When good music is made there is no denying it. The project was created by the help of legendary producer S1 and well known producers DJ Dahi The Buchanan, M-Phazes along with MoeZ’art. They bless us with 16 tracks laced with of some of the most beautiful production of year [thus far]. We also have many appearances on here from the likes of Abs-Soul, Troi, Ty Dolla $ign, Trae tha Truth, Fam-lay, Glasses Malone, and Nikki Jean.

The project starts off with “Summer”, where he introduces us to the sound of a peaceful and happy setting. You can hear the violin and pecks of the harp being played throughout the one minute and twenty seven second track. The water splashing and laughter of the children relaxes you as you think you’re on a peaceful ride with this album. Once the instrumental is over, the reality of Lupe Fiasco kicks in.

The second track “Mural” was (actually) released a few days before the album dropped. This eight minute track still keeps its classical structure with a French jazz band while the intensely fast paced piano joins it all together. Here, Lupe discusses his beginnings in this world and the fall of society and their systems. On this song the Chicago rapper brings out some of the hottest word play we’ve heard from Lupe (in a while). There is no need for any apologies here; we see the mural that has been painted by Fiasco on this track. There is no denying that Lupe is indeed the Shakespeare of rap.

“I like cartoons, southern cities with large moons. Faith healers, ex female drug dealers and art booms. Apologize for my weird mix.”

– Lupe from the song Mural

As we continue through this art gallery we get to a painting on track number 8 “Little Death”, which features the talented Nikki Jean. Jeans voice is soothingly perfect as Lupe spits rapid fire once again. Only Fiasco can come up with this, “Babylon’s then bibles and others and tell me of the spinning mothers, and todays mathematics for beloved, and beasts bellies covered like the cummerbunds of butlers.

Tetsuo & Youth ends with “Spring” as it takes us back on the similar path to the beginning of Summer . We still are able to hear the peaceful vibe of the violin and additional sounds of birds chirping . Its pleasant and the children are playing and laughing louder than earlier. Wherever they are they are happy – and the sounds paint a picture of a Utopia. Now doesn’t that seem oh, so sweet.

It is rumored that the deal between him and Atlantic is over and this could possibly be his last album with them. We are sure to hear more from Lupe this year. Tetsuo & Youth is now officially released and can be purchased on iTunes.