Koncept Wanders Korean Streets With A Hug Me Sign In New Video

In the music video for “Hug Someone,” Brown Bag All-Stars member Koncept goes to the streets of Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea — where he’s currently staying — with a sign that says “Hug Me.” The compassion, and the energy of a hug goes a long way, and brings smiles to faces and hearts. You can feel it in this song and video,” he explains.

Koncept further explains the context of the new song/video:

“In a time in the world where there’s a lot of trouble with Presidency and power, stress in the economy, healthcare changes, worry about war, depression, suicide, overdose, and many other hardships that we face on a daily basis, Koncept felt the need to make music to lift us up. As simple as it may seem, sometimes people can really use a hug. A hug to let them know that you’re thinking about them, and that you care. A sign of affection, warmth and comfort. We cry, we feel pain, we have many of the same struggles. That we are in this together, and we can get through it together. Give someone a hug today. it can really make a difference.”

Check out the video, below.


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