Koncept Drops A Dope Visual He Shot In Thailand

Brown Bag All-Stars member, and former Fat Beats NYC employee — Queens rapper Koncept — is one of those cats who I have supported, and will continue to support, from the jump. I had a great chat with him earlier on in my AAHH days, and have been closely following his music ever since. His latest chapter has been his most intriguing; he took what he thought was a two week trip to Seoul for a gig, spiraled into a series of gigs, which eventually resulted in him signing with Sony Asia.

Now — currently living in Asia — he’s continuing promotion for his latest LP released on the Asian major-label, 14 Hours Ahead, with a gorgeous new visual for “Overboard,” one the album’s standouts.

“The music video was shot in Thailand on a boat between Pattaya and Kho Samed,” Koncept explains. “Thailand is an amazing place. I wanted the video to be simple and just have clear shots to show you how beautiful this world can be. Being on a boat also fit the song title and theme perfectly.”

As he goes on to describe, the track has a few meanings associated with it. “One [meaning] is an overreaction. It is wise to think before making an action, or even speaking.

Sometimes without sitting back and evaluating a situation, people can react to something in the wrong way. Our emotions are strong and can sometimes get the best of us making us act without taking a chance to breathe and think. Therefore, going “overboard.”
“Another meaning,” he continues, “is when something or someone has just gone too far, and quite frankly, they need to be thrown “overboard … It’s deciding that the relationship is no longer going to work out.”

Support my guy; check out the visual, below, and stream the album!

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