I‘m not ignorant of Dash Machete; the Brooklynite has been on my radar for a minute now — but, I’ve been inundated with … stuff. I have some well-respected writer friends that have given her some pretty serious pen time in some major outlets, and I slumbered. That sleep was abruptly interrupted when I gave her latest EP Jigsaw an honest spin. At only two full tracks, it’s an admittedly easy release-day listen, but dripping with goodness.

The first track, which dropped already, is “You Don’t Know My Name,” which is a fitting almost taunting title. What I love about h is her cadence; she’s Haitian-born, which is probably what I’m hearing. It’s just such a unique sound. The track, which kicks off with a piano-driven intro switches up into bouncy almost Neptunsey vibe where she drops bars — following an infectious chorus. “That’s Machete, made of sauce — what are you wearing hater cloth?”

The next track, “Pieces,” has a UK vibe about it, with a thick baseline and a little vocal chop that she dances around. The song, according to her,” tells the story of a broken love tale.”

What is hitting me after a few listens is how different her music sounds when compared to the other music I’m being hit with lately. She gives a shit about her lyrical content, and it shows. R&B/Hip Hop/Pop/Electro blends don’t always deliver such admirable results.

With Kelis’s third solo-album Tasty being a noteworthy and influential release to her, her differentiating elements make perfect sense.
I’m on Twitter and seeing nothing but positive feedback following her release party earlier this week — and rightfully so. Jigsaw EP is an excellent introduction to Dash that I’m glad I took it in.

Now I see what the hype was all about! Early.