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Justin Don: Going The Distance

Detroit rapper Justin Don is a surprisingly refreshing listen; the young artist doesn’t come from a background that you may associate with a particular sect of the the young crops of artists. Likewise, he doesn’t subscribe to any extreme isms or portray himself as a character trying to cash in on a fad. He is just a kid who likes making music — and his shit has some knock to it!

It’s not entirely clear when his full-length Will Of The D is set to hit the streets, but thus far he has a foursome of tracks available on all streaming networks that show what he’s capable of. His music accurately paints the portrait of a young man in between graduation and forever, finding his footing one milestone at a time. The vibe is a little of everything; there’s blends of pop, hip-hop, world sounds, and bouncy sound beds that would find themselves at home in just about any playlist of top 40 tracks.

“Waves,” which he notes in a Vlog will be given a visual treatment shortly, is the theme song of a summer smoke out with the team; to date, it’s easily his biggest — see best — song. “Distance” is a close second. “The more chains I have on, the less I feel like myself,” he croons, again adding to this idea that he isn’t trying to be something he isn’t. This particular song is also a testament to the work he intends to put into this game.

At it’s best, it’s just insanely smooth, and perfect for anything involving positive vibes, barbequing, and summer nights. At it’s worst, it’s similar to a lot of stuff currently out there and doesn’t honestly put him on a different plane. However, whether that’s what he ultimately wants to do isn’t transparent. At only four singles in, he’s well on his way — and has enough quality to build himself a solid foundation.

Here’s to going the distance!

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