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Rapper Bengi Billz Keeps It Positive With Selfless Career Goals

25-year-old indie rapper Bengi Billz as wearing multiple hats as (not only) an artist, but as the CEO of Make Your Trend Music Group, as well. Hailing from Selma, Alabama, but currently living in Oklahoma, his music is not just his passion — it’s the soundtrack to his life. “I have a very diverse sound,” he tells AAHH. My catalog consists of smooth rap, Hip Hop, R&B, and club bangers … I’m just a very well rounded artist when it comes to music.”

As he explains, he started rapping at the age of seven but made his first song at the age of nine with his father. “My father is what you would call a pioneer of gospel rap in the South,” he says, “one of the first in our area. I started to travel with him and make music. As I got older, I kinda branched off and took my own path.”

He — understandably — describes his father as his number one influence. “Watching him growing up gave me the formula to this game,” he says, also crediting Outkast, Goodie Mob, Craig Mack, Mystikal, and many others for influences his deep love of the art.

His first official release Still The Same, is available on all social platforms, and he also has an EP with the co-owner of his label Drumming Cassanova titled Purple Pather — slated to drop July 28th.

“Some of my biggest achievements were early on in my career as a child performing out of the country and things like that,” he says of his early days. “I could say owning my label is a big achievement,” he also adds. “My goal in the music industry is to bring as many artists in the game that I can and make their dreams of being an artist a reality.

His selfless goal is nothing but admirable and a testament to the fact that he is (in fact) doing it for the love. “I would say my next professional move is to use the profits that I make from entertainment and invest it into advanced technology,” he says as our interview drew to a close.

You can’t argue with positivity!


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