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Jumpin’: An Interview With Liquor Store Lean

After watching the dope storytelling, visual to Liquor Store Lean’s single, “Jumpin,” and bumping to the chill beat, I had to reach out and converse with the California native rapper.

If you haven’t already, watch L$L video “Jumpin” and then check out our small talk, as we vibed and chatted about the transformation of his name, the concept of the video, and — of course — what the future has in store for him.

What’s the meaning behind your name Liquor Store Lean? It’s a very interesting name!

The meaning behind the name is basically that I’m always at the liquor store. If you see me, I’m there. So I thought it would be cool to add to Liquor Store my name about two years ago.I’ve always been lean. Before my name was Lean Marea but I think it was too unique. Nobody would get that. It would be a hard name to search, so I added Liquor Store and liked it. Then, I dropped about 3 to 5 projects under that name.

I can’t help but ask, do you drink lean or is it just a name? And of course, you don’t have to answer it if it seems too personal.

Haha, Do I drink lean? I’ve been known to dabble, but not recently. I haven’t indulged in such matter. Right now, I just stick to a little weed and 40s!

Yeah! I guess it was one of your vices?

Yea exactly! Some people go to lean or cocaine, some just like weed or wine. Other people just like skittles!

Haha true, true! About your latest visual “Jumpin,” what inspired the video?

I can’t take full credit for the direction of the video. It was Peter (the director). He chose that song “Jumping” and wrote a treatment for it. We started discussing it more and we came up with the concept of two Leans. One Lean was having a regular day, and the other Lean had a wild crazy day off the strength of the marijuana. If you watch it, it all comes together in the end!

Yea it does. It all came together at the end. But, besides music, what else would you like to be known for?

I would say my personality! Just who I am as a person. Also, any accomplishments I would do down the line, like something in the fashion industry.

That’s amazing! So I guess you don’t have a passion for fashion?

I wouldn’t say it’s not my passion. It’s just not the forefront of why I’m making music. I just want to do some dope stuff in the fashion industry!

Understandable! What is one goal you’ll like to achieve by the end of 2016?

I want to hit about 2 or 3 million views on something. I think that’s actually achievable. It all depends on how I can bring something different to the people and how much work I put into it. I feel like that’s how I can reach the millions of individuals. That is my end goal this year!

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