Blac Chyna – The Woman, The Myth, The Legend

Whether you hate them or love them, their names are always in the headlines. The Kardashians. However, this time, it’s a different Kardashian stealing the show. She may not officially be a Kardashian yet, but she’s giving birth to one, so I guess that counts for something right? Blac Chyna or shall I say, Angela Kardashian, sent social media into a mass frenzy when she and fiancée Rob confirmed the pregnancy rumors. Blac Chyna has become a legend in her right. And I’ll tell you why. Tyga left her for Kylie Jenner who was only seventeen at the time (I hope you guys didn’t buy the “she’s just a good friend” line).Chyna then started dating Kylie’s older brother Rob earlier this year. Brought him out of hiding, got engaged and his having his kid who will be an actual Kardashian, not one by association. Legend. This whole saga has the world wondering things like “What will happen with Tyga and Kylie?” “Has the family accepted her as one of their own?” The family has remained unsurprisingly quiet about this whole ordeal, which is driving me crazy.

While the world seems to think that Chyna is doing all of this because she’s a Petty Betty, I have to disagree. Celebrities are humans too, and they only share fractions of their lives to the public. Parts that they only want us to see. So for all we know Chyna isn’t doing this for the wrong reasons but simply because she’s happy and in love. And what’s so wrong with that? Clearly anybody can see how she’s been an active influence in Rob’s life. A year ago Rob was basically in hiding, battling depression and weight issues. Chyna has helped him ease his way back into the world and by the looks of it, he seems happy.

Like everybody else, I am super curious to see how this story unfolds, but I can’t help to congratulate the happy couple on their huge announcement!

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