Jay-Z talks Lemonade album and Fat Joe keeps it New York

By: Antoinette Alston​​May 26, 2016

Jay-Z just said what? In the remix to Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s summer anthem, “All the Way Up,” the legend mentioned Lemonade, his elevator incident, Prince, and Blue Ivy. “You know you made it when the fact your marriage made it is worth millions / Lemonade is a popular drink, and it still is.” He continued, “Until our babies showered in gold, ni**a / Blue lookin’ like Pac in the tub / David LaChapelle levels of not giving a fuck /Prince left his masters where they safe and sound / We never gon’ let the elevator take us down.”

Fat Joe, was all smiles when he spoke with Billboard just before the song was about to be released exclusively on Tidal. He said he wants to keep it New York: “The world will know who’s on the remix,” the Bronx rapper said with a smile. “I turned down some really, really, really big names for the remix. Like, the biggest guys on Earth but was just like, yo, I want to keep it New York. So hopefully I win on my roll of the dice, but I’m excited for the city.”

The remix has been getting more hype than the original song since its release and fans just can’t seem to get enough of it.

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