Havoc & Alchemist Drop New Project

Since 1999, Kejuan “Havoc” Muchita and Daniel “Alchemist” Maman have been crafting gritty, dark, head nodding beats, killing the mic, and holding down the hardcore rap genre. Ladies and gentlemen, 17 years later we have The Silent Partner, consisting of 11 tracks filled with murky loops and bass thumps that will leave the listeners — both old and new — satisfied.

The album features the venomous NY rapper Method Man, QB’s lyrical mastermind Cormega and Queens mascot Prodigy. On “Smooth Ride Music” there’s a dark yet jazzy influence with scratched samples that makes the listener feel like they are taking a ride in the backseat of Travis Bickle’s taxi through the streets of New York City. “Come back like I never left, but you was never here; erased like etch a sketch, you clowns sick gotta vaccinate; better yet, just evacuate,” raps an elated yet determined Havoc. On “Out The Frame” the sweet melodious wind chimes and classic bass brings fans back to the underground sound of the late 90s.

On “Seize Power,” Hav speeds up the flow and tightens up his Timberlands to stomp all over Alc’s cruddy, piano-infused drum taps that recycle themselves all throughout the 3:07 of the song. “Never ever did we give a fuck, we lived it up if we had you and we didn’t have it we stick him up.” On “The Gun Holds a Drum ” the duo of Hav and Prodigy give their core fans the best music heard from the pair since 2004. The whole CD is worth a purchase for the black champion hoody, baggy denim and Timbaland wearers who enjoy gritty rap and grimy beats.

Ernst Constant About Author

I'm Ernst Constant and I was born on a hot day back when keep on movin' was on the radio. I spent much of my early life in Newark, NJ. I hung around a rough crowd where Hip Hop became my soundtrack. I'm a graduate of Kean University and I like to write.