Jada Pickett Smith and Will Smith are a powerhouse – but their offspring have proven themselves to be just as powerful. Willow and Jaden have a unique style and a laundry list of both industry accomplishments and infamy. The Smith’s have expressed that they allow their teens to have their individuality.

A photo has now been released of Jaden Smith as the new face for LV women’s wear, Spring/Summer 2016. He’s photographed with three models and in a skirt, which is not out of character for the Karate Kid star. The 17-year old has a history of eclectic style choices: he wore a Batman outfit to Kim and Kanye’s wedding, for example. Hell, Jayden even wore a dress to prom. He’s been noted as saying he doesn’t see the difference between women’s and men’s clothing.

Jaden, along with others like Travis Scott – and the Weekend – seem to have a new school style sense and aesthetic that is winning the attention of this new generation. Although he hasn’t put out any new music for a while, I suspect that he’ll have something out this year. I’ll keep you posted.

The fact that Louis Vuitton took a chance with Jaden Smith knowing his views, and huge personality traits, is big. They knew Jaden would be the topic of discussion – and that’s exactly what they got.

Jaden Smith The New Face Of Women's LV