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Interview with Boogz Boogetz

If you’ve been following the kid Boogz Boogetz, you’ll know that his latest project, a collaborative album with Prodigy (of Mobb Deep), is far from his intro to the rap world – hell it’s not even his first time working with Prodigy. The Far Rockaway rapper has been making some real noise since the 2010 release of his DJ Khaled and DJ Ill Will hosted mixtape Far Rockaway’s Most Wanted. As he prepares the release of his upcoming Cool 2 and inevitable tour for Young Rollin Stonerz, Boogz took a few minutes out to chat with AAHIPHOP. Peep the interview after the jump!

How did you get into hip-hop?

Well, I got into the it watching my older brother (Un Pacino) who was doing his rap thing, so being around him in the studio, and being in school battling people. That’s what molded me. I was always into rapping, but it wasn’t until I started to get exposed to big names in the studio with my brother – like Prodigy and Juelz Santana – that I actually began to take it seriously.

How did you connect with P initially?

Well, as I mentioned, my brother Un worked with Prodigy [editor note: he was a close affiliate of the Infamous Mobb]. He released an album with him a few years ago (Product Of The 80’s). So I was always around the studio during that time. Prodigy took a liking to me – I was a skateboarder, and he could see that I had a certain swag about me. He could see I wasn’t like all these other dudes spitting. I had bars. So he started rapping with me. We’ve been collaborating ever since.

Let’s talk about this latest project “Young Rollin’ Stonerz” – what was the process of putting this album together?

We wanted to make a record that listeners could ride out to. Something to uplift. We wanted it to be an extremely laid back vibe – you know smoke a blunt, drink some champagne and zone out to the music. Classy, classic music.

What was the recording process?

All the records we did, we did in the studio together. We would just go through beats – he’d bring beats to the table, and I’d bring some to the table. From there we’d just lay down tracks.

Do you guys have lots of stash tracks?

Yeah, we got a lot of stash tracks [laughs].

Well, the album is dope…

What was your fave track?

Personally? I like Pass Me.

That track almost didn’t make it on the album. Prodigy wasn’t feeling it that much; he didn’t like the hook I’d done. He wanted to keep a street feel and thought the song was a little outside of the vibe he was going for. I liked it – it has a commercial sound. It sounds like a song about a girl, but it’s a song about life. P eventually agreed and let me put it on there.

Did you guys have any other disagreements about what songs to include?

We had a few, but that’s only natural. We both want the best product possible.

I also really love 40oz.

Oh, 40oz is joint! [laughs] That joint was originally supposed to be me and Chinx Drugz, but we ended up using it for this project

Are you guys going to tour the album at all?

We’re currently doing one now – it’s the Infamous tour, though. We’re supposed to have our tour around January I think

Do you have any other projects out right now?

Yeah, my latests projects Cool and American Fly are available now, and I have Cool 2 coming soon – that project has names like Fat Trel, Smoke Dza and Vado on it (to name a few).

Any last words?

Look out for the whole YR roster, look out for the entire Infamous Records, shout out my homie Swag and my crew up in Canada. The entire gang man, we here – zoning!

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