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22-year-old NXUS, who is one-third of the trio known as Dead Reputation (with Delirious Beats [producer/engineer] and Rake [writer/videographer/film editor/photographer]), continues to impress me. I was a huge fan of their last collective release, “Rake Cat,” and his latest record “Holy wATEr” –and grimy visual– continues to keep me interested, with an almost Chance The Rapper cadence. He comes off optically as a blend of Odd Future and A$AP Mobb, by that I mean, he is straight up bars, but he has just the right amount of darkness and mystery to him. I feel like his music doesn’t tell me too much about him, but it’s just enough–which I understand is hard to explain.

As I mentioned the last time I wrote about him, I get the vibe from NXUS; he has something about him–you can just feel that he’s headed along the right incline. Give “Holy wATEr,” and tell a friend to tell a friend.


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