Dead Reputation, the trio of 22-year-old NXUS, Delirious Beats (producer/engineer) and Rake (writer/videographer/film editor/photographer), certainly have a lot going for them. They have the type of sound and imagery that gives writers like me what can only be described as a “writer boner.” Self-professed semi-conscious hip hop, you can feel the aura of these cats, and can pretty much deduce it’s only a matter of time. Their latest song/video, “Rake Cat,” is dark, lyrical, and fun to watch. In case you missed it, their previous video “Scopolamine” had over 100-thousand hits on Youtube.

After you’re done with the latest from Dead Rep, you’ll want to check out NXUS’ latest EP, the six-track Bando Music The Tales Of Peter Pyraxx. “Recycle Raps,” and “Foreign,” should find their way on to your playlist this week. While he only started recording a couple of years ago, NXUS has written hundreds of songs and hired out as an industry ghostwriter.

NXUS and his circle are definitely on the road to the riches; keep your eyes and ears ready. You heard it here first!