“I don’t want to be known as just a “rapper,” I want to be more than that.” —Meechi Blanco

A new project came across my desk today; State College, Pennsylvania, rapper Meechi Blanco is youthful, clever, nerdy, and all types of dope. He describes his debut [Soundcloud] release, good, as the dopest project we’ll ever hear. That’s a pretty loaded statement, but it is an incredible entry to the young rapper. Sitting at twelve tracks long, it has [only one] feature, no filler, and tons of bars.

What immediately comes through is the youthful energy of the project. He seems to capture that essence you may find with contemporary trap/cloud rappers like OG Maco for example, but with the substance, the knob turned up and then broken off and thrown into the brush outside the house. Over incredible production like the slow-flow “Walter Blanco,” the dark — almost Wu-ish — “Play My Tape Bitch,” or the neck snapping “Creed,” which was sadly way too short, Meechi shines. Some highlights are the spacey “Trip,” featuring vocals by DoctorWeedFairy, and the super hungry flow on “Piss Excellence.”

Meechi is a one-man show — from the engineering to the cover art. “I don’t necessarily need to be rich, I just want to be able to do what I love to do and live comfortably,” he says humbly. That doesn’t seem unreasonable; he sits outside the box, not so much by innovating per-say, but excelling by sticking to the basics. That’s hard to explain, and not as easy as it sounds. good, though, is — in the end — an ironic title, because this album is more than that. He’s relishing in the accomplishment, but not stopping to let the dust settle – he’s already working on two follow-up projects scheduled to release in 2017. Stay tuned to Meechi!