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#IndieSpotlight: Interview With OneUp2Lovett

The homie Oneup2Lovett has become a regular indie feature here at AAHH; in the past, we’ve featured numerous videos, including his mini-movie “Tru,” and his Influenced mixtape. One thing we haven’t done, though, is let him speak directly to all y’all out there. So–unbelievably–this is our first and (likely) not last interview with the Michigan-based rapper who we’ve sworn to follow as he navigates his way through this crazy game of [rap] life.

Check out the short interview below, and head over to iTunes and cop his latest release, By the end of November.

Tell me about the music

I’ve got a long way to go, but I think I’m finding my way pretty well, making my [own] sound.

Describe your sound.

I think It shines light on both sides of the fence–it’s a story of a young black male who’s grown up in an urban area, seeing his parents work to give him and his siblings a better life. It’s kind of like growing up around certain parts in the world that are considered slums; being that kid who isn’t necessarily in the bad crowd, but grew up aware of it. Having to make smart decisions whether or not to get involved in certain things, as he gets older, versus watching his youngest siblings growing up living an entirely different life than how he was growing up. As my parents moved up in society, they became smarter and knew what and what not to do. I think sometimes I feel as if I was an experiment, along with my two older twin brothers [because I’m the third oldest]; like, raising us in the 90’s. I think my music reflects that eternal feeling.

How did you get involved in music?

I’ve always been involved in music; it runs in my family, my Grandmother (rest in peace) taught us when we were very young to love music.

Who/what were some of your influences?

My father, ( a singer ) Eminem, Notorious BIG, Pac, Kanye West, Afrika Bambaataa, Caz, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Nas, Jay-z, Lil Wayne; OG’ emcees were P.I’s (positive influences) in my life–and currently, a few newer artists, too. But, honestly there are too many artists for me to name, I mean there are all genre’s that have influenced my perception of music. Michael Jackson, Bob Seager, Nirvana, Lupe Fiasco, The Pharcyde…the list goes on. So many Artist have affected change in the music industry, that it’s hard to just narrow it down to two or three for me.

What are you currently working on?

“26”–possibly my first album–and more mix tapes for the people.

What have been some of your biggest achievements thus far?

I think the fans, and support from my followers is the biggest achievement I have thus far. The loyalty they show towards me and my music is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before; I never want to let them down.

What are your goals in the industry?

Make the best possible music that I can, and inspire the next generation to do the same, but better.

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