“if an artist don’t try new things their music becomes stagnant [sic].”

Gkay Skully is an artist we’ve featured before here at AAHH; dubbed as ‘One Of The South’s Best Kept Secrets’ the versatile artist–as we last reported–was about to release an R&B record. This time around, though, he’s keeping it as [as fuck]! His vivid Street tales set him apart from most of today’s [younger] hip hop artists. Dripping with an aura of authenticity, he stands alongside artists like Bibby and 21 Savage rather than more questionable inauthentic artists faking the funk for ‘cool points.’ The Little Rock, Arkansas, Native captures his street apostles with his new album What’s Understood Aint Gotta Be Explained.

Take a spin of his latest visual, “Fuck You Thought,” featuring Aye Tell Em JT & Southwest Boaz. It’s ready to go–knock on the share button if you agree.