Who is Hollywood Holt?

If hip hop’s deceased, I’m the rhyme of the living dead, walking really slow with metaphors oozin’ out of my head.

–Hollywood Holt

If you haven’t noticed Kanye West in the media a lot lately, you must be living under a rock. One minute everyone is talking about how amazing he did during Fashion Week, the next they’re bugging out over his comments about Amber Rose during his interview on the Breakfast Club. Even though Kanye hates the media, he has been the talk of the town since the beginning of this New Year – but let’s talk about the positive things he’s done this year so far. He has a new song with Rihanna and Paul McCartney, a new tour, he’s working on a new album and he didn’t interrupt anyone’s speech. Well sort of.

Another thing to add to the list is his new artist, which he recently added to his GOOD Music roster. The rapper’s name is Hollywood Holt. As I was doing my research on him, I noticed that he does have a small following. He has around 9,000 people following him on Twitter and he has some videos out on YouTube.

His real name is Nigel Holt, and he hails from Kanye’s hometown of Chicago. Hollywood might be new to the rapper game for some of us, but he has been writing rhymes since 14. He did release a song called, “Throw a Kit,” in 2008. That song created a little buzz in Chicago. Hollywood then did a video titled, “Hollywood,” for Cartoon Network. That song was not only featured on their LP but Kanye himself blogged about it. From 2008 to 2015, a lot has been happening for Hollywood.

For him to be signed to Good Music is a big deal. If Kanye is backing him up that means he is someone we should all give a chance too.

Check out his LP released in 2012 called, “Greatest Hits.

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