Front Tour Touches Down At New Jersey’s Sneaker Studios

Tucked away on 66 Broadway Street in Passaic, New Jersey’s Sneaker Studios. A dope sneaker and streetwear shop that doubled as the venue for the Front Tour on a Wednesday afternoon. Hosted by Skhizo Tune from Speak Ya Mind Radio, Sneaker Studio was the last stop on the tour for Radimiz and IOD, the two headlining acts. The two had been touring together for about six days, funding everything themselves. Before the show began, I had the chance to speak with James, the man who set everything up and made the show possible. Reaching out to the community and calling people for sponsorships, James’ main purpose for the show was for listeners to get familiar with the works of Radimiz and IOD but also give Jersey artists a chance to connect with one another and show love. Being from the area, James recognizes the lack of unity between Jersey artists but also realizes the potential and talent the city holds.

Once the show got underway, there were several featured acts who displayed their talent and received a lot of love from the crowd. Hippy Africano, a 23-year-old rapper who hails from West Africa’s Ivory Coast, took a moment to rap acapella in his first language French. As someone who considers himself to be a modern day hippy who is always happy, his positivity radiated through his performances allowing him to be a memorable performer. Artists such as I Of A Genius and The Cause performed a slew of released and unreleased material, high energy was the theme for their performances, they made sure to keep the crowd hyped and amped up. Ella Rochelle held her own amongst the guys and performed her song “10 AM in Dallas”. Headlining acts Radamiz and I.O.D were all about good vibes and a good time during their set. Radamiz performed a couple of records from his latest album Writeous.
The Front Tour most definitely served its purpose of introducing the talented young artists to an audience that maybe wasn’t so familiar with their previous works. It also gave a chance for fans to showcase their love and support. Overall, it was a successful day with great people and great music. What more could you possibly ask for?

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