A few hours before he’s scheduled to perform Radamiz leans up against a parked car on the street and smokes a cigarette. It’s either day five or day six of the Front Tour, he’s lost track of the days and is running on an undesirable amount of sleep. But once on stage, his exhaustion is forgotten as he performs for the crowd at Sneaker Studio on Wednesday afternoon.

My time spent with Radamiz wasn’t so much an interview, but instead a conversation about life and chasing the vision. And I say vision because to say that Radamiz is simply chasing a dream is saying that he’s chasing a figment of his imagination. A goal that isn’t tangible — which is the furthest thing from the truth. Art is everything, and everything is art to him. This isn’t to be taken lightly, since Radamiz understands the beauty in the struggle and that his journey in achieving success isn’t glamorous nor is there a definite answer and picture for success. However, he strongly believes in the power of words, thoughts, and receiving exactly what you put out into the universe. What captured my attention the most when speaking with Radamiz is his thoughtfulness. There aren’t many 23-year old who possess his mindset. While most Millennials are ready to run the other way to seek what is familiar and comfortable during times of uncertainty, Radamiz acknowledges these uncertainties; but, he doesn’t allow it to cloud his pathway to success. He remains hopeful and calmly optimistic about his future, channelling that positivity into music heard by the masses.

Radamiz is a rare find when it comes to the industry, and it’s only a matter of time before he makes it big. In the meantime, his album, Writeous, is available on Apple Music, and if you’re in the Atlanta area during the first week of October, you can catch Radamiz performing live at AC3 Hip Hop Music Festival and Conference.

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