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Fire Friday Playlist, June 18

It’s looking like a West Coast take over for this week’s #FireFridayPlaylist. Although most of the artists this week are from the West Coast, they each bring something different to the table. Tory Lanez is featured again this week on the playlist, while Audubon is representing those of us on the East Coast. Want to be featured on our next Fire Friday Playlist? Tweet us at @AAHipHop for a chance to be featured!

Tory Lanez – “Luv”

Tory Lanez is officially the unofficial Sample King. This time, using Tanto Metro and Devonte’s “Everyone Falls In Love” dancehall smash, creating the perfect summer single. Lanez sings over the island inspired beat about falling in love, he manages to bring new life to the song, as he so often does with other older popular songs.

JayNFresh- “Friends”

JAYnFRESH are young artists who hail from the Bay Area. On the single “Friends” the duo lets it be known who they clearly ride for. Fresh can be heard on the hook while Jay drops a couple of verses halfway through the song. True to their California roots the song possesses that relaxed feel, however, the two bring about a youthful and vibrant element to the song.

Audubon- “SNS”

“SNS” by New York artist Audubon instantly captures the imagination. With haunting production and Audubon’s soothing voice, it’s easy to compare the artist to the likes of The Weekndor PartyNextDoor. However, he isn’t to be compared because with his vocals and superb rapping skills, Audubon is in a lane all of his own.

YMTK – “No Job – On the Mob”

YMTK’s soulful vocals plus funky beats and warm weather is a dangerous combination. “No Job” embodies the heart of summer, spending money on illegal items, hanging with the homies and chasing around the hunnies. What’s possibly better than that?

Sir B – “Low Tho”

Sir B’s energy is undeniable on “Low Tho” a single from his latest album “A Letter From Rehab” Produced by Menace the genius behind “Panda”, Sir B delivers witty rhymes and showcases his eccentric personality time and time again on the track.

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