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Fire Friday Playlist, July 8

Here to save your Friday, your week and your month is my #FireFridayPlaylist! Collaboration is key for most of the songs that made the playlist this week. Curly Savv and Dah Dah appear on the playlist for the first time, while PartyNextDoor yet again has wormed his way onto the list! Kick back, relax and enjoy this week’s #FireFridayPlaylist. Want to be featured on next week’s? Feel free to tweet us at @AAHipHop and send us a link!

Curly Savv and DahDah – Told Y’all

Brooklyn-based duo Curly Savv and Dah Dah bring undeniable energy on the track “Told Y’all”. The pair clearly has a musical chemistry with their ability to individually shine on this record but not “outshine” one another. Dah Dah is a spitfire, spewing rhymes a mile a minute while Curly Savv possesses a “love to hate” extreme confidence that’s demonstrated through his lyrics.

PartyNextDoor & Jeremih Ft Lil Wayne – Like Dat

The Music Gods have worked their magic and brought together two of R&B’s biggest stars to create a joint album. While unsure about the exact release date of Late Night Party, “Like Dat” is sure to be a single on their collaboration.


Jay Ant – Red Cup

Off his project White Rabbit, “Red Cup” incorporates two distinct signature styles. Through his lyrics and delivery Jay Ant stays true to the Bay Area relaxed vibe while Houston music obviously influenced the chopped and screwed background vocals and instrumentals. The meshing of these two distinct elements while completely different seem to work out in Jay Ant’s favor.


Alvie The Skywalker ft Darryl J and Karma – Delilah

Alvie Skywalker shares with us a unique blend of sounds with the song “Delilah”. With the help of Darry J’s R&B vocals combined with Karma’s ethereal presence during the beginning of the track, the single just simply works and is easily a favorite. “Delilah” is off Skywalker’s latest project Darth Vie

Flores – Oceans (Produced by Maths Time Joy)

Oceans is a gut-wrenchingly beautiful song about heartbreak. Flores’s vocals alone are enough to send you into tears. The flawless production provided by Maths Time Joy gets listeners to dive into their thoughts, careful not to drown.

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