Eb&Flow: Keeping It Raw

“My mind is open to a lot of good, and a lot of evil…”

– Eb&Flow

As I’ve been very vocal about in the past, I’m obsessed with finding raw, untapped talent that exists across the interwebs, and showcasing them here on AAHIPHOP. This week I have Eb&Flow, a young cat from Cincinnati with an old soul. Seriously, I’m often impressed with kids that have an old school aesthetic, but this kid damn near sounds like he’s in the golden era. 

While reviewing the tracks he sent me, I was drawn to their basement demo-tape appeal that almost comes off as ‘professionally amateur’. It’s quite reminiscent of the shit you may have heard on a late night mix with Stretch & Bobbito back in 95’–96′. He has grimy production, and above all bars to match. 

“…that’s ludicrous, not talking bout the side with them hits – I mean the stupidness when they assume they know what it is…”

– Eb&Flow from the track “Homies.”

Highly recommended listening is his ode to fake friends, Homies, and the laid back She Always Askin’. Give the kid a spin, and if your feeling his first four joints, then I recommend you jamming his 8-song project, King Goldirocks, for a more cohesive experience. 

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