This makes me sound old, by my ‘generation’, regardless of whatever, will always have a soft spot in our hearts for Wu-Tang Clan. They single handedly transformed the concept of what a rap group could be, and gave birth (or prominence) to numerous notable off-shoots, such as: Killarmy, Sons Of Man, American Cream Team, etc. It’s refreshing to see a new generation of of artists are trying to carry the torch. TyFlow is one such artist.

TyFlow, member (by blood) of the Cuffie Crime Family, is one of the Leaders of the next generation of Wu Tang’s ” Cream Team.” Jerry Pulaski, or North Tech, named him as the 2nd most exciting next gen WuTang artist to watch for. He’s also a focused boxer – so he’s nice with his fists. Together with Young Dirty Bastard, Radio Rah , iNTeLL(spelled like that), Justice and Don Staten, TyFlow is helping Wu Tang continue to be “about the children” for a new, younger, core audience.

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