“My desire to create music derives from my childhood — music serves as both the [only] family structure I know and an outlet to tell [the world] my story.” –DJMWB

Part songwriter, part producer — and all creative. Swedish/Liberian David Lester, whose often referred to by his artist name DJMWB, has been bubbling for some time on the international scene. His latest album, Busy, is an eclectic mix of things. A blend of hip-hop, soul, and reggae — plus a dash of EDM — makes for a spicy mix guaranteed to not only pack shows but get the party started. It also all ties into his Liberian (cultural) roots and the country’s traditional folk music. A little background first on David; he’s been in it for a minute. His accolades date back to ’95 when he won ‘Artist Of The Year’ in Monrovia, Liberia, for his critically acclaimed “The Children Are Crying. Seven years later he was charting in Senegal and Gambia. More recently he was awarded an Akademia Award in LA for his. The new project, which sports five songs, chronicles the challenges and obstacles of making it in the everyday reality of modern society — a relatable base topic indeed. When asked David explains the album’s influence:“Everyday’s mood is what influenced the album; the track titles on the album show [in some way] what exactly inspired each song. They all refer to personal to experiences in my life. I want this album to represent the need to stay focused and survive.”

His latest video [seen above] for the title track, Get Busy, helps to visually illustrate the song’s keep grinding and overcome tone. Complete with a woman playing the catchy sax riffs and gorgeous backdrops. The song’s message of hope and hard work pays is refreshing, to say the least. Another song we particularly enjoyed from the project was “Empty Drum,” which ended with probably the braggadocios line of the album: “It’s not bragging if you got it.”

The new album is available on iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL, Rhapsody, Amazon, Google play, weaverrecords.com, and www.reverbnation.com/rpk/djmwb. Our advice? Give it an ear.