Cesare: Italian Pride And Detroit Flavor

Italian emcee, Cesare, is here to make his unique contribution to hip-hop. A lyrical beast in the making, he hails from Detroit Michigan — and draws influence from artists like Scarface, DMX Jay-Z, C-Murder, Master P and Snoop, and Tupac; so, you can probably visualize his vibe. A scan through his SoundCloud reveals some serious nods from heavyweights, like [G-Unit’s own] Young Buck on his single “Ask About Em’,” and fellow Detroit-native (and D12 member) Bizarre on the record “Hello Detroit.” His budget is up, and his heart is in the right place: he’s ready to go.

Cesare is determined to make a name for himself in this industry and with the real-life lyrical content displayed in his music, he is on the road to securing his spot. With his state and his [Italian] heritage on his back — Cesare is ready to carry himself across the finish line.

Check out a few of his joints below, including his single with G-Unit’s (first) southern representative, Young Buck. Be sure to hit him up if you’re feeling it, and stay tuned to his SoundCloud for any and all upcoming releases. You can also check him on Facebook.

https://soundcloud.com/cesare1 https://www.Instagram/Cesare_10 https://www.Twitter.com/CesareCapo10 

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