Rappers Cam’ron and Mase recently revealed they turned down an offer to walk out with Mike Tyson for his upcoming fight against Jake Paul. The decision stemmed from concerns about being blamed if Tyson lost the match.

During an episode of their podcast, It Is What It Is, Cam’ron explained his hesitancy to accept the offer, saying he didn’t want to be held responsible for Tyson’s loss: “If we walk Mike out and Mike doesn’t win, I don’t know if I need that type of pressure.”

Mase also weighed in, referencing Tyson’s recent health scare during a flight from Miami to Los Angeles. He speculated that the incident might be a way for Tyson to find an excuse to back out of the fight. “I hope Mike is well, but it sounds like Mike is trying to get a way out,” Mase said. “I know he shouldn’t need one, but if they took him off this plane, we want to make sure he’s well. But are we having a fight or not? Is the fight still on? Before this, I had Mike winning the fight. Now, I don’t know.”

The fight between Tyson and Paul is scheduled for July 20. Both Cam’ron and Mase have shared their thoughts on the upcoming match. Cam’ron predicts Paul will win if the fight lasts longer than five rounds, while Mase has been more cautious in his assessment.