Bradford Cohen, the lawyer for rapper Kodak Black, recently spoke about his distinctive relationship with the artist in an interview with DJ Akademiks. Cohen revealed that he has known Kodak since the rapper was a child and has witnessed his growth over the years. He emphasized that their bond is different from his relationships with other clients, highlighting his mentorship role and deep understanding of Kodak’s thoughts and actions.

Cohen pointed out that Kodak engages in many philanthropic activities behind the scenes, which fans may not be aware of. He stressed that these actions are not driven by a desire to rehabilitate his image. “He’ll do things when he doesn’t need to rehab his image,” Cohen stated, suggesting that Kodak’s efforts are motivated by a genuine desire to help others rather than a need to improve his public image.

Cohen’s comments have elicited mixed reactions from fans. Some praise his dedication to Kodak, while others criticize his handling of the rapper’s legal issues. Nonetheless, Cohen remains committed to his role as Kodak’s attorney and advocate.