At Black Enterprise’s 2024 Disruptor Summit, Cam’ron shared insights into the financial success of his sports talk show, It Is What It Is. The rapper outlined the show’s journey from a modest beginning to becoming a financial powerhouse.

Cam’ron initially produced three to four episodes independently before bringing Mase on as a guest. Impressed with the show’s potential, Mase proposed a partnership, which Cam’ron accepted. As the show gained popularity, financial offers began to increase. By the tenth episode, they received an offer of three million dollars, signaling the show’s potential for significant growth.

The series continued to flourish, ultimately reaching 35 episodes. At this point, Cam’ron and Mase negotiated a new deal. Cam’ron had already invested approximately $127,000 in production costs, underscoring his commitment to the project. When the show’s value hit six million dollars, the duo finalized a substantial $20 million deal.

Cam’ron also reflected on his decision to partner with Mase, noting that Mase had played a crucial role in securing his first record deal. During a conversation on Good Day New York, Cam’ron emphasized the importance of Mase’s involvement in the show’s success.