Big Boi x Phantogram – The Big Grams EP

Although the combination of Big Boi and NYC-based electro-rock-pop duo Phantogram seems unlikely on the surface, it’s not that hard to swallow [pause]. I mean, Big Boi, was once partnered with Andre 3000 to form what had (eventually) become the most matched, mid-matched duo in hip-hop history. In fact, their final album, Speaker Boxxx/Love Below, was split into two completely separate albums – and the contrast between the two was staggering. What I’m getting at is that clearly the man isn’t afraid to take chances, musically. Well, a pop-up ad, led Big Boi to Shazam the duo of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter – and here we are! After months of teasing, and some epic performances, they officially dropped their self-titled EP.

Big Grams is an absolute joy to listen to. What I appreciate the most, and I’m sure many listeners would agree, is that it delivers exactly what you think it will. They all live up to their individual strengths and deliver songs that are fun and incredibly dope. When an artist is truly enjoying the process and is genuinely inspired, it carries through to the music. Lights On and Fell Into The Sun have been knocking out of my speakers for the past few hours on repeat. Also, if you’ve ever dreamed what Big Boi may sound like over Premo-esque east coast production, you’ll want to pump Put It On Her with the windows down in the ride. The only misstep for me was that Skrillex joint…meh.

It’s a great listen, and the perfect way to kick-off the autumn music rush. If you can tear yourself away from Drake and Future, definitely drop this into your music device and let it run around a few times.

Big Boi x Phantogram – The Big Grams EP 

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