“We know we shouldn’t be getting high, but we just wanna take the pain away…”
– Vero

Everyone remembers those hazy college days, celebrating life and what’s to come – while ignoring responsibilities. Coming of age is a crazy thing, and many of us go, though (and potentially stay in) the woke state of euphoric bliss granted by the super sweet allure of Mary Jane. Vero, a young artist from Jersey, has created an audio collage of high-time logic, and surprisingly focused punchlines, that evoke that exact sentiment. Recorded by Joe Dell’aquila at Exeter Recordings, it honestly took me back to long nights by the ball court, jamming tapes on my RCA, draining D batteries by the caseload.

“Back in Eigth Grade we would jailbreak iPhones and pretend our chains weren’t made with rhinestones”
– Vero

Vero, who is also a producer, put a lot into Passed Grass Education, a 12 track sonic ride that has everything from laid back, smoked out vibes, to incredibly articulate, self-aware bars. He has a flow that puts me in the mind of a young K-OS, with a basement demo cassette quality made for long nights under a blacklight. Highly recommended listening is Aloha, Have I Gone Mad, and the super dope 1994. If you’re like me, this record will have you thinking back to days of summers past – glassy-eyed, roaming the city with your Walkman blasting.

Worth a front to back spin. Light it up and enjoy!