“Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps…”

–Chuck D

No matter how much opposition it’s faced troughout the years, hip-hop culture has definitely grown to be a staple in the art world. Artists all over the world are boldly incorporating it into their work and daily lives, much like Madina Design in the UK. Madina Design represents what we like to call the ‘GOLDEN ERA’ of hip hop.

The ‘GOLDEN ERA‘ consisted of artists uplifting themselves as kings and queens who spoke of positivity and enlightenment. These legends of hip-hop brought this genre from humble beginnings in the block parties in New York to the global phenomenon we see today. Madina Design is paying homage with a new series, Celebration of the ‘GOLDEN ERA’, which consists of prints and shirts featuring artists such as Common, LL Cool J, Biggie and so many more greats commemorated on stamps. They are a must-own for any real hip-hop head – check them out for yourself!

Madina Design Pays Homage To Oldschool Heroes  
Madina Design Pays Homage To Oldschool Heroes  Madina Design Pays Homage To Oldschool Heroes