It’s funny how hitting a rock bottom can make you rethink, well, everything. Rapper AJTheKid almost quit making music when his mentor [rapper and CEO The Jacka] who was fatally shot by an unidentified gunman in Oakland in The Jacka had taken AJ under his wing and showed him as much as he could with the time they had. After a series of lows following Jack’s passing, he hit a bottom. After he was arrested for a crime [he didn’t do] he reassessed his life and his past/present choices. After a few more close calls, he decided to dedicate himself to his music — and it’s paying off. His EP — and it’s promo singles — Your Neighborhoodly White Boy, has made it to sites like This Is 50, amongst others.

Aside from music, he’s also an actor and model with a three-year non-exclusive contract with an agent who sets him up with commercials, modeling gigs, and TV shows in the bay area. Music, though, is his first love.

Take a listen to AJTheKid’s latest release, Your Neighourhoodly White Boy. If you’re feeling it, hit that share button! ALSO he’s currently on tour. You can check out the schedule here, and catch live!