Every single year I make a heap of predictions about all the artists I’ve dedicated my pen game to—and I’m often off the mark. While I’m perhaps a little too optimistic about the music that moves me, sometimes I do get it right. Seattle’s own Aaron Cohen is one of those artists. I’ve helped premiere a few of his gems via XXL in the past and written about him here. It’s been cool to see how far he’s come in the last 365 days.

Aside from a handful of bumping singles, Aaron spent a great deal of time overseas making moves and murking shows—even headlining a show in Paris—before returning stateside to rock out across the nation. He’s been putting in some significant grind time, and it’s paying.

Capping off a year that included a hell of a lot of stage time and even a magazine cover in Paris, he recently dropped his latest visual “See Red,” a trippy treatment that sees Aaron essentially murdering himself—multiple times.

Check it out, below, and if you’ve been missing on Aaron this far, wake the f—k up and smell the Folgers, son.