Aaron Cohen — Off The Ground 

Aaron Cohen is no stranger to AAHIPHOP and after listening to the title track of his latest EP Off The Ground — it’s easy to understand why. The Seattle-born rapper just dropped the new eight-track EP on June 24. However, pursuing a career in the hip-hop industry is no easy task. On the title track, Cohen illustrates the ups and downs of the industry. At his most vulnerable, he speaks openly about his lifelong passion as an artist, leaving him wondering if it will break him. In an industry that isn’t so straight forward, Cohen also shows a darker side; exposing the possible consequences of failure. Maintaining his focus as an inspiring rapper, Off The Ground reveals a real empowerment story, full of determination and hard work.

Here’s what’s up: the video [for the title-track] takes place in a mental hospital where Cohen loses touch with reality. His only way to cope, is by focusing his imagination on his drive to succeed. Instead of breaking him, the pressures of the industry enhance his creativity and help to fuel his escape. Cohen tells the story of managing the real life stressors of the game throughout his new EP.

Off The Ground is Cohen’s third commercial release following his 2015 debut, Homeless. The project includes features from AGBOHARD, Mecca Shabazz, and Young Joey. Produced entirely by Kemal — it’s hard-hitting instrumentals offer a fresh and new perspective on Cohen’s music. The video was directed by Tanner Jarman, whose film “High Hoops” was recently awarded the 2015 Revolt Film Fest.

Cohen has been putting in work for the past few years. Originally from Seattle, Cohen moved to NYC to help build his platform as an MC. The West Coast and East Coast influences have had an engaging impact on his music. In 2014, he put out You Wouldn’t Know followed by the 2013 release of the album Potential Fans. Now, after releasing the [EP’s] first single earlier this month, Cohen seems to have developed his most compelling album to date.

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