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Rapper Starbound Spreads “Black Excellence”

Minneapolis, Minnesota, rapper $TARBOUND knows a thing or two about the struggle—luckily for him, he beat the odds, curved the street life, and made music his life. Unlike a lot of these up and coming acts, he did his homework; he spent An inordinate amount of time learning about business, video editing, artist management, and marketing.

This all led up to his most significant opportunity to date. Ready for this? Travelling the world documenting the champ, Floyd Mayweather. “Two driven men, one HUGE vision to empower our people worldwide,” he says of Mayweather and McGregor. He was there for their joint world tour.

That opportunity has afforded him an outlook that many of us will never know; however, let’s get back to his music. His most recent release is the anthemic, piano-driven “Black Excellence,” is a song dripping with pride and beaming with powerful words of [cultural] encouragement. The release is in partnership with a clothing line of the same name, founded two years ago by Houston White.

“[We] have teamed up to promote the power of Black Excellence on an international level through music, fashion, and social media,” he states within his recent media release.

$TARBOUND seems to be taking the road less traveled and using his keen sense of the business to make things happen. Check out the track now, and keep an eye on this kid!



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