Rapper Derrick Milano is kind of slept on; if he has it his way, 2018 will be the year everything changes. The Tri-State-bred rhymer (behind the hit “Play Wit It”) first came to our attention about a year ago with his record “Cellular,” which (depending on your defined threshold) went kind of viral. The kid did some admirable numbers, simple and plain!

Much like “Cellular,” his track “Play Wit It” propelled its way into timelines courtesy of numerous fan made dance videos—with some clocking serious plays.

He also worked with major artists like Fetty Wap (they have a track called “Nasty Jawn”) and the new-school underdog Famous Dex, who is having a run right now—whether you want to admit It or not.

Most recently, Derrick dropped a mini-mixtape called Free Crank to hold over the heads until the new year—as well as doing a ton of writing behind the scenes. In fact, he’s a songwriter to watch for 2018. Some of the tracks he’s been writing lately are lava (to say the least). As Derrik explained to AAHH, his pen game is his main focus right now, and the upcoming 365 will be big. We look forward to hearing from Derrick in the upcoming year; he’s definitely one to keep an eye on.